【 Introduction and the profile of BEAT's Instructors 】

■All BEAT staff are English Instructors.


■Shin-Ichi Obara
/(Principal/ CEO)

Work:Business English,
    TOEIC, Business Writing,
    Interpretation, Translation,            Lecturer
     (5/16/2020〜)YouTuber【BEAT Channel】

           Teaching Exp.:37 Years
        ■(TOEFL 630= toeic 970)

         Hobbies:All kinds of Sports          except golf

         Hometown:Miyazaki City

His own unique teaching method("Obara World") has been described as fun but most importantly very useful in the real world. ■He has spent a total of 8 years studying and traveling all over the world. He's known as an avid outdoorsman and a "Hawaii Freak" who spends his time there with his family a few weeks out of the year. Please feel free to take a look at his special advice column.
;To His "Self Introduction & Lesson Style"

■Kiyomi Obara

Work:General English, TOEIC Purpose,
    Business English, Kids' English

Teaching Exp.:28 Years

Hobbies:Swimming, Aerobics, Spanish

Hometown:Ogaki City, Gifu Pref.

She's my lovely wife and the co-founder of our company. With(10 years +) teaching under her belt, she is more than qualified to handle the English classroom environment.
She's been working as an LP for long time
at AFS(American Field Service)
■Kiyomi has a certified license for Japanese Language.

■Daniel Cowie
/ Head Instructor

Work:Business Englih, TOEIC, I ELTS,
   TOEFL, Instructor Training

Teaching Exp.:8 Years

Hobbies:Mountain biking, Film, Literature, Art

Hometown:Ontario, Canada

A proud Canadian, Daniel brings the best qualities of the Canadian personality to his classes. A lover of the written word, he focuses on teaching students the beauty of the English language in a very practical and interactive way. He has extensive experience teaching in universities at the highest level as well as teaching business English at well-known Japanese companies.

■Nancy Sugiura

Work:General English, Business English

Teaching Exp.:19 Years

Hobbies:Reading books

Hometown:Boston, USA

She's not afraid to be labled a "Bookworm." In fact, she's proud to be one! As all of you have might of guessed, she's an avid reader which strongly contributes to her vast vocabulary knowledge. Students who take her class will surely develop their listening and speaking skills as well as their confidence. She has the distinction as being one of the teachers with the longest tenure at our company.

■Erik Gruber
/Client Coordinator/ Instructor

Work:General English、business English,
    TOEIC Purpose, Academic English

Teaching Exp.:10 Years

Hobbies:Watching Movies (S.F.)

Hometown:St. Paul, Minnesota

I’ve been teaching in Japan for nine years. I have gained a lot of experience teaching people of all ages and backgrounds who have many different goals for English. I believe my job as a teacher is to help you improve your communication skills, but in a way that makes English interesting and useful for YOU. Let’s try together!

■Hideki Aoki
/ Director of Educational Affair Division

Work:TOEIC Purpose, TOEFL Purpose,
    General English,
Instructor Training

Teaching Exp.:20 Years

Hobbies:Playing Drums, Wines, Traveling

Hometown:Nagoya City, Aichi Pref.

Graduated from Kansai Gaidai University. He has earned Post-graduate Diploma in Education at Adelaide University. He is very confident no what he teaches, especially TOEIC®. He also is a member of a rock band and plays the Drums.
■(TOEIC® score 990)■(TOEFL® PBT600)

■Conrad B.  
/ Counseling & Advisor

Work:Everything except Discourse

Teaching Exp.:21 Years

Hobbies:Working w/ Mac computers
     motorcycle (exclusively Kawasaki)

        Hometown:Saskatchewan, Canada

He has the proud distinction of having the longest teaching experience with us. He shares time between advising our executive staff members and native speakers, especially when they need help on teaching. He's been in Japan long enough to know what kind of problems a foreigner can experience so he's always available to lend a helping hand for us.■"Naginata", Martial arts 4th-degree black belt holder.

■Alejandra Gonzalez

Work:General English, Business English,
    Spanish, Interpretation

Teaching Exp.:8 Years

Hobbies:Listening to Music. Movies


She moved to Japan in 2009. She worked at the Japanese Embassy in Honduras and her interest in Japan started there. She got a degree in Law in Honduras and later she got her Ph.D. in Int'l Economic Law at Nagoya Univ. graduate school. She is planning on making Japan her home, but wants to help keep a relationship between Japan and Honduras to exchange cultures.

■Rina Suzuki  
/Instrctor/ Gen. Affairs

Work:TOEIC Purpose, Business English,
    General English

Teaching Exp.:7 Years

Hobbies:Piano, Bon Dance

Hometown:Toyokawa City, Aichi Pref.

She specializes in TOEIC but also teaches business English and daily conversation classes as well. She’s been to and studied in Canada. She likes teaching, so she went on studying to obtain the teaching license. She found it quite tough when she was studying for TOEIC so it is very natural for her to be helpful to her students. She is a graduate of Aichi Kyoiku University.■(TOEIC® score 910+)

■Naomi Segi 
/Sales/ Client Manager,
PR Manager
Work:General English, Business English,

Teaching Exp.:11 Years

Hobbies:Aroma therapy, a member of
    chorus club

Hometown:Yokka-Ichi City, Mie Pref.

Teaching is Naomi's calling and is the thing she likes doing the most. She holds a license to teach junior high school and high school and is a graduate of Arizona University. In college she was a member of the Chorus Club. Her experience studying abroad and as a coordinator for overseas students gives her confidence to handle any situation that might arise in the classroom. Naomi loves communicating with others and once she starts something she goes all out. She has also received a license in aromatherapy and enjoys teaching this relaxation method in her spare time. ■(TOEIC® score 900+)

■Brian Dorgan  
/Senior Instructor

Work:TOEFL, Business English,
    Academic English

Teaching Exp.:17 Years

Hobbies:Watching professional baseball and American football; Watching movies and TV dramas

Hometown:Creston, Iowa U.S.A.

I've lived and worked in Japan more than 17 years. I've had opportunity to teach people of all ages, and I've really enjoyed all of my students' improvement. Teaching has also helped me learn about other people and their daily lives. Learning another language is a continuous process, and I want to help all my students reach their goals.

■Alix Ford Taniuchi /Instrctor

Work:General English, Business English,
    Kids class

Teaching Exp.:4 Years

Hobbies:Karaoke, Watching dramas

    Hometown:London, UK

I've lived in Japan for 2 years and got married in March 2019. I've taught many different students and really enjoy meeting new students and helping them learn to communicate. I also really enjoy teaching about foreign culture and how to really make friends with people in English. I’m looking forward to meeting you!
■Univ. of West London. Psychology

■Robert B. Proborszcz

Work:General English、business English、

Teaching Exp.: 21 Years

Hobbies:Karate, Aikido

Hometown:Koszalin, Poland

He is a father of two sons and has a Japanese wife. He has been in Japan over 20 years now. He has a lot of English teaching experience in EU countries and Japan. His major in college was Electronics. He likes martial arts, especially Karate and Aikido. His lesson style is very friendly and easy to listen to.

■Stephen Hodges

Work:General English, Business English,
    Academic English, TOEIC

Teaching Exp.:15 Years

Hobbies:Reading, Listening to music,

Hometown:Canterbury, UK

He's got a lot of experience in how to teach English from his Master's in "Teaching English as a Second Language" as well as practicing it on all kinds of people, who have had all kinds of needs. However, He thinks the most important thing is to keep students motivated. Let's face it: learning a language can be difficult and painful at times, but, with the want to keep on learning, all obstacles can be overcome!

■Toshiharu Mizutani

Work:General English, TOEIC Purpose,
    Business English, Kids English

Teaching Exp.:10 Years

Hobbies:Indoor 5-man football(Futsal)

Hometown:Nagoya City, Aichi Pref.

After his experience abroad in Vancouver, Canada & Perth, Australia, he worked at a major English language school for seven years, where he was the head instructor. His students come from all ages, from children to business professionals. In kindergartens and elementary schools, he used picture books effectively with his young students to help them enjoy English. His experience includes teaching one-on-one and groups, such as the Boy Scouts of Japan. He has a great reputation in his TOEIC classes. His students, who affectionately call him “Toshi.”

■Yuko Masterson

Work:General English, Business English,

Teaching Exp.:17 Years

Hobbies:Eating shortcakes and seaweed

Hometown:Nagoya City, Aichi Pref.

With a teaching style that is easygoing and combined with a wonderful smile, Yuko is a perfect teacher for any level of student. She has a lot of experience abroad studying in England and Switzerland. English is her speciality but she has also studied Italian and Latin. Her travels abroad have brought her together with many people including her husband from America with whom she has a wonderful child. Yuko has a diverse working background having worked in international cooperations, but also has taught in cram schools and universities.

■Taylor Smith

Work:General English, Business English, Kids English

Teaching Exp.:4 Years

Hobbies:Video Games Card games,
     and Writing

Hometown:Atlanta, Georgia USA

A graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design's writing proram, I love to use self-expression and writing in my casses. I've taught English in Japan fr two years, and before that I tutored children with disabilities or ESL. Ihave a lot of patience, and want to make sure learning English is both fun and engaging.

■Zou Qian

Work:Chinese、Basic Elementary, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Levels

Teaching Exp.:15 Years


Hometown:Sichuan, China

She came to Japan for the first time as an ALT for high school in Japan. She has teaching experience from 15 years to 60 years old. She has confidence for teaching Japanese. Modest personality. She goes beyond the textbook to give a more in depth lesson.
■Graduated from Sichuan International Studies University with a degree in Japanese.

■Victoria Maruyama

Work:Business English, TOEIC,
    Elementary school English

Teaching Exp.:18 Years


Hometown:Edmonton, Canada

Vicki's a Canadian who has spent a lot of time shuttling between Japan and Canada for the last 18 years. She loves great stories in many mediums, and she enjoys writing as a hobby. CELTA trained, she specializes in teaching at the elementary school level, but also teaches business and conversation classes. She's looking forward to helping you reach your English communication goals, whether spoken or written.
■Graduated from University of British Columbia with a degree in Speech Sciences, Minor in Psychology.
■CELTA Level 4 Holder

■Shiho Katoh

Work:General English, Kids class TOEIC

Teaching Exp.:10 Years

Hobbies:Driving, cooking, Listening to Music

Hometown:Saitama Pref.

She had been in high school in Japan for one year and transferrred to Australian high school. She is graduated from Monash Univ.in Australia. Se has spent a total of ten years in Australia.

■Wang Jingxia

Work:Chinese、Basic Elementary, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Levels

Teaching Exp.:9 Years

Hobbies:Traveling, mostly southeast Asia

Hometown:Toyota City, Aichi

She's always punctual and hard-working are the best words to describe him. The students can always depend that her lessons are informative and beneficial to their needs.
■(新HSK6級 Holder)。

■Wang Jun

Work:Chinese、Basic Elementary, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Levels

teaching Exp.:11 Years

Hobbies:badminton, table tennis,
    Reading books,


She came here to Japan in 2002 for the first time. She's an expert at Chinese language instructor and has a lot of experience and was working at a Japanese company. She says, at class, try to introduce Chinese cutures and customs and their way of thinking besides Chinese language itself.

■Wang Xiu

Work:Chinese、Basic Elementary, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Levels,

Teaching Exp.:9 Years

Hobbies:Vintage item Collector. Jeans
    & aloha shirts etc. Lots of
    knowledge for music history.

Hometown:Nagoya City, Aichi Pref.

He was 13 yrs old when he began studying at Beat. Now, he's one of our Japanese instructors. His expertise mostly is in listening comprehension which could be explained because he once worked as an FM Radio DJ. He graduated from Santa Monica College in California. He was one of my first students when I started our school.

■Cho, Keini

Work:Chinese、Basic Elementary, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Levels

Teaching Exp.:10 Years

Hobbies:Traveling, Cooking

Hometown:Dairen City, China

Cho Keini arrived in Japan in 2006. Her hometown is Liao Ning which is in the northeast part on China. Liao Ning is famous as the“windy city”in China and has very severe winters. A typical winter day there has a temperature of ?15 degrees Celsius. One of Cho Keini's favorite hobbies is restaurant hopping. She is always on the lookout for a new restaurant to try. She can often be found in conveyor belt sushi or yaki-niku shops. Cho Keini's philosophy is to“enjoy every day.”She says that her most enjoyable and active time is the time she spends with her students in class.

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